David Ashmore – International Business Development Director , Drink-IT

    • David Ashmore – International Business Development Director , Drink-IT's presentations

    David is a business development expert with specialist knowledge of the application of software solutions for breweries, distilleries and other beverage companies. David represents Drink-IT, one of the world’s leading beverage management solutions and works extensively with beverage companies in the UK and internationally.

    Presentation Title : Technology: The secret ingredient for craft beers and spirits

    If you are a craft brewer, distillery or other beverage company, your ability to streamline, simplify and automate business processes is vital. Lean processes help create the

    best-performing players in the industry. Around the globe, craft beverage companies are working to improve competitive edge, innovation, market penetration, revenue growth, and efficiency, but it is the ones that embrace technology that will succeed.


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